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Hi I'm Lauren

its hard to put a label on exactly what I do, my nature of work and offerings have changed so much throughout the years. To try and sum it up, I am a Heart Led Empath, Somatic Coach, Energy Movement Teacher & Spiritual Counsellor. I work with nature based energy movement through Yoga & Qigong and weave in the magical Healing energies of Crystals, Minerals & Oils into my work and offerings. I hold space for others on their spiritual paths of healing, connection and remembrance, and support them on their own journey and transformation.

“The magic of the inner journey begins with a choice and an open heart”

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Regenerative Alchemy Somatic Coaching

Unlocking Healing through your body's own Wisdom

Regenerative Alchemy Somatic Coaching is a transformative journey of healing and self discovery. Harnessing the power of nature based body wisdom to facilitate healing, mend old wounds and restore the nervous system to its harmonious state.

It is a blend of personal exploration, allowing you to tune into your body's innate wisdom and awakening your felt sense, as you drop down into your body to help release and process undigested stuff, release burdens from the past and allow space for any natural impulses, instincts, energies, emotions, trauma and old wounds to move through.

Nature based Somatic Healing helps transform pain and challenge into healing, growth, purpose and greater resilience. This deep inner inquisitive work helps bring you into greater coherence with who you really are and what your really here for

investment is £80 for 1 session or

£450 for 6 sessions

Sessions are 60min

All sessions can be in person or via zoom.

Mystical Snakes Animal

Spiritual Counselling & Healing

Spiritual Counselling is a full Holistic Healing session. It looks at the whole self, the mind, body and spirit.

By acknowledging all of these aspects of ourselves, each and every part of us that make us who we are, we are then able to see which areas may need some guidance and focus on at this time. Every one of us is unique and responds differently to different types of healing interventions. You will be held in a safe sacred space with the freedom to be heard and seen. Once we identify the presenting issue or blockage within, we can then begin to clear and heal with the appropriate healing modality such as:

:Energy clearing/Chakra Balancing

:Crystal Healing & Reiki

: Hypnotherapy




:Meditation & Mindfulness

: Soul Plan Reading

: Soul Transformation Therapy

investment is £80 for 1 session or

£480 for 6 sessions

Sessions are 60min

All sessions can be in person or via zoom.

Each session i will take you through an embodiment meditation as you arrive to allow you a moment to become fully present, we will then take time to chat about the presenting issue/blockage and find the best intervention and healing modality that will help, finishing with future pacing and a grounding meditation.

Yoga & QigongEnergy Movement

I believe in the trinity of working our mind, body & soul as one, bringing our whole self into unity. As well as the mental and Spiritual work we do it is important to support and strengthen our Physical body. I work with Yoga & Qigong in an integrative embodying way to support the whole self.

My style of teaching has naturally progressed over the years into a gentle nature based movement practice, with the intention of working with our own energies and the energies of the natural world around us, including crystals, the moon, elements and the seasons.

My Offerings

Regenerative Energy Movement Class

online via zoom

9.30-10.30am Saturday Mornings


(Yoga & Qigong flowing movement, cultivating energy & releasing blockages)

Golden Spine 9 Qigong 6 week online course

£99 (please enquire for next date)

Golden Spine 9 Qigong online group class (to join after taking the initial course to learn this beautiful practice)

7.00pm-8.00pm Tuesday Evenings

6.30am-7.30am Friday Mornings

Seasonal In Person Group Crystal Healing & Energy Movement workshops (please enquire)

Private Sessions also available upon request through zoom or in person (please enquire)

Totnes, Devon

Crystal Healing & Reiki

Crystals have instinctively been in my life since I was a little girl, and they are my passion and great love. They have supported me in so many ways through the years. I feel truly grateful and humbled every time I get to share the beauty and magic of Crystals with anyone else who wishes to connect and work with them. i am in awe every single day at their beauty & being, and i am so thankful to Mother Gaia for these connections we have with the Mineral Kingdom and for the way that they can support us.

I combine my Crystal Healing sessions with the Energy of Reiki. All sessions will begin with a chat and see what comes up for you. Or you may already have something specific you would like to work on. Then you will lay down on the couch and i will place stones on and around you, it has become very important lately to work on our energetic field around the body so you will be held within a Crystal Grid in a safe Sacred Space. I may then use meditations or Journeys if needed and Reiki can be done with hands on or off the body, i will always ask your permission first.

Investment is £60 for 1 session or

£340 for 6 sessions

Each session is 60mins

All sessions are in person.

Spiritual Elements Illustration
White Sparkling Stars
White Sparkling Stars

Soul Plan Readings

What most of us are seeking is our true self. Finding out who we really are, and what is our purpose.

As you connect with your soul plan you will enhance your spiritual connection, allowing you to discover your core essence, increasing your confidence, alignment and self-purpose. It will give you a greater insight of your true nature and direction in life.

If you would like to book a Soul Plan Reading then please contact me by email or phone to book. I work with your full birth name and then the preparation will begin and can take up to 1.5hours before our session together. The session will be 90mins long and include, a welcoming meditation to arrive into the present moment, Soul Plan Reading, Grace Clearing (clearing and releasing anything that comes up through your reading) and Grounding Meditation. You will also take home your Soul Plan with all the information and receive an associated crystal to help support you through your challenges.

Investment is £120

which includes preparation time, 90 min session, PDF booklet & crystal

All sessions can be in person or via zoom

Cosmic Vintage Girl Reaching Up
Nebula Galaxy Overlay

Both triangles together create your star of creation, with your soul destiny at its centre.

By looking at your soul plan together we can look at your strengths and ways to overcome your challenges to help unlock your full potential to find your soul’s purpose.

Your Name Holds The Code

Some words from Blue Marsden's Soul Plan Book

Many of the worlds ancient cultures have a creation story. These stories usually involve a being or God bringing the universe and materiality into existence through speaking or singing words.

‘In the beginning was the word’ will be a familiar phrase to those from a Christian background. In Hebrew this is often translated as ‘in the beginning God created….’ In Hindu tradition the link between sound and creation begins with the universal mantra Aum.

Aum (OM) is the first sound which all else manifests.

In Egyptian mythology words, names and writing have the power to create what they refer to. The Egyptian God Thoth would set or establish objects by writing down the sound. From ancient tribes to modern linguists and philosophers, words have been universally recognised as holding a power of manifestation and being necessary for conscious thought.

Egyptian God Thoth

Soul Transformation Therapy

Soul Transformation Therapy (core issue healing) will help you remove emotional stuck patterns, blockages and life challenges. Very effective as a spiritual development and self healing method. It will help you release any deep buried issues you may be unconsciously holding on to. We are all influenced by archetypes such as The Healer, The Victim, The Leader etc and polarity challenges such as Love/Hate, Good/Evil, War/Peace and so on. Using the Soul Plan Archetype Tarot Deck we help diagnose the polarity challenge and then the specific issue which may be holding you back from connecting with your life purpose

investment is £80 for a session or

£460 6 sessions

Sessions are 60 mins

All sessions can be in person or via zoom.

Each session I will take you through an embodiment meditation as you arrive to allow you a moment to become fully present, we will then counsel to find the presenting issues/blockages. The next step is to determine the polarity and separation pattern by using the Archetype Tarot Deck which will guide us to the best healing modality-

: Cord Balancing and Vow Break

: Soul Retrieval (tree of life gateway)

: Soul Plan Trauma Release

: Archetypes Intervention

: Forgiveness Ritual

We will then carry out a future card spread which encapsulates the essence of the healing taken place. finishing with future pacing and a grounding meditation.

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Chalk Dust Element
gold glitter shiny sprinkles curve

Divine Energy



gold light effect
gold glitter shiny sprinkles corner
gold glitter shiny sprinkles curve
Chalk Dust Element

A deep 4 month journey of inner work & reawakening your spiritual path

Full course details here

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'Refining & Revealing the sparkling Essence of who you are'

About Me

Welcome to my page, my name is Lauren Roxanne Harrington and id love to share with you a bit about my background and how i arrived here with Blue Space Healing. Since my 20s I have worn many hats, I've been the party girl, the traveller, the wife, the mother and the spiritual seeker.

There have been many ups and downs, one of the biggest challenges being told we couldn't conceive which led us down the IVF journey (more on that later) but all lessons were to be learnt and experiences to be had.

After our second around the world trip in 2007 my cousin asked me if I'd like to become a Personal Trainer on return, and work in his gym.

This is where my work with others truly began. I helped others train and look after their bodies and health with exercise and nutrition. I also began to be an ear for them to open up to. We formed trusting relationships and I became not just a trainer but also a support for them.

For my own health and well being I loved lifting weights, then I soon got into the practice of Pilates to support my body and had such a passion for it that I went on to becoming a Pilates teacher and training with STOTT Pilates. I just fell in love with the breath work and controlled embodied movements. I loved how the combination of breath and control felt within my body working my mind and body as one. I taught Pilates for many years, at many different studios and went on to training in Reformer and large studio equipment Pilates.

In 2012-2013 we had a tough couple of years trying to conceive, then it ended in a successful IVF process, and we finally had our beautiful Emmie Blue. It was a roller coaster ride, but I am forever grateful for our outcome and so so blessed.

I began delving deeper into my own spiritual journey and healing after becoming a mum. it finally led me down the path of exploring the spiritual side of yoga.

I always enjoyed practicing yoga and decided to take a foundation course just for my own knowledge and spiritual journey. Of course I fell in love with this knowledge, philosophy and way of being, and decided to take the teacher training course with the wonderful Paula Mayura at Mayura Yoga Studio. It was just perfect, I thank Paula so much for her presence, knowledge, kind nature and teachings. My first Spiritual Teacher & Guide.

I began teaching yoga at various studios but focused more on a one 2 one basis at my home studio where Blue Studio Yoga was born. Working on a deeper level in private sessions I was able to facilitate specifically what that person needed at that time, so my sessions would sometimes be a combination of Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Breath Work, or sometimes just talking through problems and being a support.

Skip ahead to 2020 and I began to study my life long passion which was Crystal Healing, and became a certified Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner with the lovely Ashley Leavy Of the Love & Light School. My aim here was to nourish my love and interest of Crystals and the mineral kingdom, and learn all the juicy science behind these beautiful beings of light and energy and how to work with them and share their wonderful medicine with others.

Along side my Crystal studies I found the Magnificent Katie-Jane Wright to whom I owe so much gratitude to for her wisdom and magic she shares through her earth & crystal work, she has helped me expand my connection and spiritual growth and always inspires me. To this date I have taken 3 wonderfully deep activating Crystal Courses with her which have taken me down a huge self healing path, allowing me to expand within my heart and connect with the mineral kingdom and Gaia on such a deeper level, allowing me to grow and expand within myself.

Along side my Crystal studies over these last few years I have also been working with Blue Marsden at the Holistic Healing College in London. I was being called to study Spiritual Counselling. It is something I had been looking into for a while and I finally chose to take the Spiritual Counselling Diploma Course. Wow what a ride! this has been the most rewarding self study and deep inner work I have done and working with all the teachers at the college have been such an inspiration.

After integrating the Spiritual Counselling I found my wonderful Coach Dr Sarah Coxon and have been, and continue to work with her through my business and am happy to say I am one of her first Regenerative Alchemy Somatic Coaches. This deep Somatic approach to working with others has been the icing on the cake for how I work, teach and even in my own way of being.

With all of the wisdom from all of my great teachers and the wisdom within, I hold space for others on their spiritual paths of healing, connection and remembrance, and support them on their own journey and transformation. There is a sense of coming home in this work, when we begin unleashing the magic & medicine we all have within us.

Contact Details

Lauren Harrington

Mobile 07817940133